Saturday, July 13, 2013

- Two Minutes-

The following things are never the same time, people are never equal to the other day, customs are changing, habits are becoming one, we will be eating routine every day, every day obligations are over, the laughter are perhaps less, caresses are becoming few and kisses garters ...
That's life, a path full of colors, smells, weather, feelings ... suddenly there are days when everything is rosy with mild aroma, however there are also scented gray days old, musty.
There are warm days of spring, but there are also cold as the winter nights.
There are moments of joy, laughter, dreams, goals ...there are moments of sad faces, shouts, insults, of anger ...
The relationship of a couple is because it is doing every day, minute by minute, is a story that is not written.
The children ... come, but in the same way and can only go in the end the love and companionship.The children ... chiquitas those people who teach us so many things that make us all realize that if we have these feelings and they are so beautiful.
The children ... they give us so many lessons in humility, simplicity, innocence, sense of wonder, able to learn new things every day ... with those smiles and those eyes that give us so much with just a look or a touch of your hands as clean of everything.
And yet sometimes we lack the ability or the time to stop our routine two minutes and appreciate each and every one of these little joys of life.
Sometimes we have the courage to peek outside our area and see that there are beautiful things to look at, and see that things are not so beautiful, you can also learn.
Take two minutes of your life, just two minutes and think about all we have, all the love is in the air just to breathe, all the smiles that we sometimes do not care to be with other things, all looks so deep, all the words that we heard, all flavors, all textures, all colors.
Maybe after these two minutes the love shine again.

- Credits -
On Ian:
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Pants: Legal Insanity - Byron Loose Pants - Pinstripes Black - NEW!!

Cap: Legal Insanity - Ascot Flat Cap Crocodile - NEW!!


Teeth: [PXL] - OpenMouth PRO v1.3.1

Beard: ::M-Arc Mirror:: - Realistic Full Beard 2

Nails & Rings: Mstyle -
Perfect Male Nails - B&W+

Sunglasses: *S O R G O - EK Shades TortWhite - NEW!!! - (@ United Fashion Project)


On Lluvia: 

Hair: [LeLutka] - JADA hair/Fades Natural 

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Top: [LDP] L'DoucePush - Long Sleeve Cleavage Black - NEW!! (@LOS)

Boots: .: Vive nine :. RitaV2 Leather - Dark Grey 


Bracelet: [MANDALA] - OKAKI Bracelet set/BROWN 

Watch: [MANDALA] -
HOKUSAI Bracelet set/BLACK


Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands