Friday, August 14, 2015

** Listen To Love **

Is not it true that sometimes we are shy to express the love we feel?
Can it be that for not "shaming" to the other person or for not embarrassing ourselves hesitate to say: "I LOVE YOU".
And we try to say it with other phrases like: "TAKE CARE" ... "not drive QUICK" "BE NICE" ...
It not are different ways to say "I LOVE YOU, u're important to me" ... or "I care, do not want you wrong?
Sometimes in truth, we are strangers: the only thing we mean, is the only thing we do not say. And, many sometimes not we communicate it entirely and the other person feels ignored and non dear.
By this, we must LISTEN TO LOVE in the words that the other people tell us. The words explicit are necessary but frequently, the way of saying things is even more important.
A nickname said affectionately porta greatest affection and love that feelings that are expressed of way little sincere.
A hug or a kiss impulsive say: "I LOVE YOU", still when words say something different.
Any expression of concern of one person by another says: "I LOVE YOU".
The problem of listening to love is do not always understand the language of love the other person is using.
The truth is that rarely hear; we hear the words, but did not hear the actions that accompany those words or in the expressions of the face.
Normally only listen the rejection or misunderstanding. No we see the love that is there, below the surface even when the words are bitter.
"If we listen attentively, we will realize that we are more beloved than we think"


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