Thursday, August 13, 2015

** Nobody **

No one walks through life without having set foot in false many times.
No one comes to the other side without having been making bridges to pass.
Nobody leaves the soul shiny without polish daily life.
No one can judge, without first knowing their own weakness.
Nobody gets their ideal, often without thinking pursuing impossible.
Nobody stops coming, when you have the certainty of a gift, the growth of his will, the abundance of life, the power to perform and the impulse itself.


Hat: Meva Cowboyhat 1 Black

Glasses: ::GB::Round Sunglasses (::GB::Henry Neck shirt )

Stole:  ::GB:: Feather stole / Black  Rare @ FANTASY GACHA

Necklace: ::GB:: Maria Necklace Male

Choker: ::GB:: Maria Choker Male

Arm Ring: ::GB:: Maria Arm ring male

Bracelet: Meva Male Bracelet Pearls

Jeans:  Legal Insanity - butch black jeans