Friday, May 16, 2014

Waiting for the True Love

When you feel your world is surrounded by loneliness and sadness, stop a moment and thinks that somewhere ... don't know where there is a person related to you, someone who like your dreams of finding the right person to spend their days, who you give love, friendship and loyalty.

No matter how bad we and much damage we have done, we should not falter and give up thinking that will always be as well. 

In spite of all this what we can happen, there must always be hope, life teaches us that many times the destination simply is distracted with us, but that in an instant everything can be turned around.

Many times the destination so we forge ourselves, do not give anything by sitting in this life, there is always that struggle to find the elusive happiness. He thinks that if you have suffered and your heart is pinched, the best thing is to leave it free to find your place, with the hope that in one of those opportunities you will find yourself with this person you are looking for the same price as you and live happily ever after.

But if that opportunity comes and is not utilized, the two will be forever trapped between the doubt if you could have been, themselves leaving you with the eternal question and concern if you're missing what the love and the destination you had prepared.

Many times we miss the small opportunities that gives us life to be happy, this can be for the fear of failure or simply by laziness of return to start a new life.

Each story of our lives, every word, every tear, every achievement, failure, joy, sadness, and until the last of the thoughts, has always been inspired by a person who made history in our lives.

We tend to confuse love with the desire to have someone in our lives, but they are only moments of love and happiness, because when you reach the true love, the one who will be at our side, everything else will remain as a joke and no importance, because you've found someone to share not only an instant but eternity.

Never expect that things get to you by art of magic, you must fight for your dreams and ideals, strive to achieve with the fair-minded person with whom be.

You don't slay the wings, flies as high as you can, that in the distance or near there is someone like you, is also waiting for and with the same dreams as you.

Don't miss out on opportunities, dale a dump to the destination and salt in search of love without fear, untethered, free so you can live in fullness. 

Only in this way you will know the love without fear, being free.        


Halo: ~[M] Halo Ring *24* NEW!!

Outfit: Deviance - Necromancer - Dark Shadow

Feets Chain: Pure Poison - Oriental Silver Feet Jewelry

Head Chain: .DirtyStories. Calisi Headchain

Hair: Eaters Coma - HAIR 44 / SILVER


Leg Tattoo: ~[M].ink - Legs Tattoo set *05*

Feets: Slink Womens Medium Barefeet Rigged

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Gesture

Poses: *agapee* POSE HUD female set29