Thursday, May 8, 2014

When one loves

Telling someone you love is something that comes from the heart, the first place that made you love him, from the beginning. It is impossible to describe, born with a gaze, grows to know each other and nourishes every moment, every word, every look…

Loving a person is to be patient and kind, is not to be jealous or arrogant, or proud or aggressive. Love is not blind, just look at what really matters… what you were born in the first place, he doesn't want to hear it or the color or size, if you have wealth or poverty, obesity or thinness, attributes beautiful or ugly, it only matters what is inside… who is that person in truth.

Love is not blind, or deaf, or stupid, in fact looks beyond what ever tell you. Goes beyond one and shows who in truth we are to that person. Being in love requires see that person as of truth is; love is to know everything good and bad and still love him for who he is.Love is not always pink, because you can't have love without pain; the sacrifice is part of what it means to love someone, because if you don't have willingness to sacrifice for that person because I just don't love. 

Love is to be able to trust one another, know that as we would recieve a bullet by that person, and that this also will be ready to do so; to know that no matter what that person will be there against wind and tide. Love is to make the impossible possible for that person loved this happy.

Love means having strong and unwavering feelings by a best friend, family member or by the person with whom you are in the romantic relationship. Love is a feeling that represents infinite affection toward the person beloved in your heart.


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