Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pieces of Friendship

I think that the time spent with each friend is what makes each friend so important. Friendships are built in to small pieces. Bits of time that we live with each person. No matter the amount of time spent with each friend, but the quality of the time that we live with each person. Five minutes may be more important than a whole day.
Well, there are friendships made of shared laughter and pain; others of the school, other outlets, film and fun; they are also those who are born and don't know what or why, but we know they are present. Perhaps these are made from shared silences, or of mutual sympathy that has no explanation. Today there are also many friendships made only of e-mails, our "virtual friends" make us laugh, think, and reflect ...
We learn to love the people without trial by its appearance or way of being, without being able to label them (as we sometimes unconsciously). There are deep friendships that are born as well. Saint-exupéry said: "It was the time that you crossed with your pink what made so important". I think that the time spent with each friend is what makes it so very important.
Because the time "lost" with friends does not exist, it is only time cattle, exploited and lived. Are memories for a moment or for a lifetime.
A friend becomes important for us and for him, when we are able, even in his absence, to laugh or cry, wonder or wanting to be very close to the only to enjoy your company. We can have multiple best friends in various ways. The important thing is to know to maximize every minute lived and have then in our memories, hours to spend with them, even though they are far away.
"The true friend is the one that knows everything about it and continues to be your friend."     

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