Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The only thing that we want to say,is the only thing we don't say

Isn't it true that sometimes we are shy to express the love we feel? Could it be that by not "shaming" to another person or by not be ashamed to ourselves we have no hesitation in saying : "I Love You"

And we try to speak with other phrases such as: 

"take care" … "NOT WIRELESSLY OPERATE FAST" "Behave Well"... Perhaps they are not different ways of saying "I LOVE YOU, you are important to me" …or "I care about you, I do not want that you're wrong?
Sometimes, in truth, we are strangers: the only thing that we want to say, is the only thing that we are not saying. And, they often do not communicate at all, and the other person feel ignored and not beloved.

For this reason, we must listen to the love in the words that other people tell us. The explicit words are necessary, but often, the way of saying things is even more important. A nickname that affectionately porta greater affection and love that the feelings that are expressed so insincere. 

A hug or a kiss impulsive say: "I LOVE YOU", even when the words say something different. Any expression of concern for another person said: "I LOVE YOU".

The problem of listening to the love that is not always understand the language of love that the other person is using.

What is certain is that rarely heard; we hear the words, but didn't hear the actions that accompany these words or expressions of the face. Normally only hear the rejection or the misunderstanding. Not seeing the love that is there, below the surface even when the words are bitter. "If we listen carefully, we realize that we are more beloved than we think

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