Tuesday, December 3, 2013


How many times have desired stop time! For this moment we are living, that stage or situation so happy that we don't want anything that will be us...
There are times that we would like to stop the time, we are so happy that we say "my God stop this time!" but nothing, time will like water between our fingers, and we can do absolutely nothing to stop it. The time is thus, passes and don't we realize when we are living times.
There is also another side of the coin and is when the time that we are living is cruel, it hurts to the bone this time that we are living, is so horrible that we want only to close my eyes and think what a nightmare... and that "my God, I'd like that time will pass soon, do not leave me in this time abandoned my luck and everything bad I'm living".
Times of good news, there are times that in our lives we make forever already is by someone that we love with all our heart, by someone who made us feel in the clouds that we lived a true dream of love, a time of happiness inexplicable and selfish because we locked ourselves in that feeling that made us forget everything that surrounded us.
Does this story seem them known?
I think Yes, because whenever we are in a State of happiness we find as well that person that everyone else are unnecessary, but careful, remember that you can not live forever attached to a person, you have to know to let them breathe or that beautiful moment will be a torture in the long run.
Remember that time is the only thing we can't stop, sent only, going by our lives delivering different types of feelings.
It is always good to not deviate much from our families or friends do not want that no one has to suffer a day in the life, because someday will need them even though we don't want to, but it seems that it is a balance, we must suffer in order to be able to assess happiness, there is no love without crying once, then we must be careful that our time on Earth is full of contrasts.
Time is like a road that we walk either for our better or our evil, just walking without stop our steps and look back.

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