Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don t get attached to yesterday

Life has taught me that in order to move forward, move forward and not getting bogged down, it is necessary not to be afraid of what we have left behind. The memories are always in our mind and heart, wanting to go out, there is no reason to fear cry and show our weaknesses, on the contrary, we must leave our feelings and our past free, so that it can fly well away from.

Ian Catronis:

Dragon Fly: C L A Vv. Mechanical Bulb Dragonfly (attach) RARE Gachatopia!  

Hair:   ~Tableau Vivant~ Mokuzai - Naturals I Xiasumi School Festival  

Pants:  // SEUL GARCON \\ Vintage Ripped Denim - Black Wash TMD!!! 

Jacket: ** DIRAM ** Justin Jacket - Leather TMD!!