Friday, April 3, 2015

Each Day

Is more blessed to give than to receive, and this is absolutely true. Happiness is not as an entity outside of ourselves and it becomes clear, sensitive, when we give , when we share, when we love. for that if you want to be happy, learn first to give and love and learn from simple things simple and maybe can serve.

Don't expect opportunity, create it. Don't look for love, you give it. Don't ask for friendship, best give it. Don't waste the suffering and mistakes, learn from each of them. Not be prejudiced, have availability.
Despises always bad, current, because vouchers more things life gives you.

Define what your truth and defend it with pride, because it is absolutely yours. Lives thinking about things that life gives you, not the ones that did not give you, because you have not even sought the necessary opportunities.

And remember that the most valuable gifts are peace, joy, silence, a good book, a good song, a great love, a good memory ...

Every day, no matter if the year starts or is ending already or are right in the middle, is a good time to reconsider what you're doing, what you think, what you feel and what you want. Think things are easier than they look, think not elaborate or complicated. Think about what is really worth, that's what you have within yourself.

Enjoy the happiness you have now, no one knows what will come tomorrow.

Ian Catronis:

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