Monday, April 13, 2015


Life is a series of circumstances which sometimes do not have any control. But that does not mean you're a puppet operated by the threads of the unexpected and random.
Always have at your fingertips the power of decision to accept or deny, learn atinando or failing, the bad and the good.
But ... Not good when you drag and standing litter, or you lose your dignity for a bargain price, because you hate life for it.
Any goal that one has imposed a price, and the higher it is, the higher the price to pay.
Just keep in mind, you'll always have to fight for the most sacred of you not cotizen ...
Are your feelings!

Ian Catronis: 

Hair:   ~Tableau Vivant~ Mokuzai - Naturals I Xiasumi School Festival 

Shirt: ** DIRAM ** RITCH Hoodie - Black TMD!!

Jacket: ** DIRAM ** Justin Jacket - Leather TMD!!

Pants: ** DIRAM ** RITCH Pant - Black TMD!!

Shoes: Flite . Madness Limited - Black