Thursday, April 23, 2015


In the silence of your soul is the most beautiful hidden secrets of your heart. Silence is not the absence of sounds, is a tranquil state in which you can hear what moves in your interior with greater clarity in silence are discovered wonderful talks that the word would be unable to pronounce. Working in the quiet and tranquil the gifts of the people become visible.

The word, when it is clear and sincere, it brings us closer to others, helps us to let us know, shows us what others think and live… silence is the greater degree of communication that we can get with a human being. Open the hood of your sacred silence, he shared with me from what you are, from what live, from what are you weeping and from where you'll be glad it's all over… without words.

Go on tiptoe, without making any noise, so as not to break the beauty that i offer through your silence ... Silence is the greater degree of communication.

Ian Catronis

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