Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Open Your Arms

We delivered and feel love, but also enjoy the affection of others, therefore, not far from the people who love you or lift a wall between you and the world, let me express their affection and feel embraced by the bonds of love.
Learn to let yourself be loved. We often think that no one wants, but sometimes we let it manifest.
A good exercise to learn how to receive the affection is to put yourself in the mirror and repeat out loud as you want.

Ask for help.
We all need help at times in our life, but we get it up to us, because in our hand is ask. Don't be ashamed for needing help, let alone claim, for taking this step you show that you know what your problems and how you can fix them.

Ian Catronis

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Mokuzai - Naturals I Xiasumi School Festival 

Shirt:  ::K:: Dress Down Shirts Homme Saxblue TMD!!

Pants: ::K:: Dual Belt Chinos Homme Cream TMD!!

Shoes: ::GB::chain slip on white gold  MOM!!!