Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Many times I wonder why people fight? 
Do you really matter who is right or who will be wrong? 
I wonder… aren't simply satisfy their ego while discussing with their so-called "enemies"? 
I wonder, if life is so long,
Wouldn't it be the power of love stronger? 
Many times, i wonder… 
how can stupid things like the ego dominate the love? 
Where is the messenger of peace, the beautiful Dove?
I wonder, i wonder… 
people find excuses to ruin their own lives, 
it is hardly surprising that even love can become reason to draw knives, jealousy , hatred, diplomacy. 
Are these the words that crazy man? 
OR… is it the hunger for more? 
Aren't we nothing better than accumulators of things? 
Really, I wonder… 
This it makes my heart hurt, when the clouds of war bring lives that are extinguished. 
The only need of the day is love. 
What we need is love. 
What we want to extend is love. 
What do we want to collect is love. 
Love… the secret of life! 
Love, a small word with a meaning but very large.

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Ian Catronis

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