Thursday, April 9, 2015


I believe in my forms, in my ways; in those that hurt but that bear fruit. 
I believe in the path of truth, in the trail difficult. 
I believe in my soul, in this portion of my crush. 
I believe in who i am and, therefore, who despite the defeat is not my intention to cease to be.
I believe in my dream, in the magnificent dream that I will continue building until i become more forces to believe. I do believe in destiny, in my history, in my steps and in my experience. 
I believe in my desire to give and i think in a wonderful world that expects to receive my drop of love. 
I believe in friendship, in the kisses in the rain, in the smiles and the secrets.
I believe in my effort to grow, in my desire to grow. 
I believe in life, and in magic with which you play all things. 
I do believe in destiny and in a future of reward for those who face the challenge of being faithful to themselves. I believe in me; particularly believe in me when I fall, when I don't have forces, when the wind blows and cede my candles, i still believe in holding and to return with all my strength to continue and keep on believing, and continue walking, and continue to live. 
I believe in love and in that mode indescribable to be open to life ...

Ian Catronis:

Hair:  *Soonsiki~ Tothe *Essentials*

Jacket: GizzA - Jungle Jacket [Stone] TMD!!

Pants: not so bad . mesh . JAMES pants . black

Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots for Men - Worn [bagged]