Wednesday, April 8, 2015

*****Let change*****

Let change the time, with the years increases the wisdom. 
Leaves that change your routine, and life will be more interesting. 
Leaves that you can go wrong, so you'll be able to choose better in the future, bash to new friendships, it may be that you are taught something new. 
Let your voice be heard, is the only way to assert your views.
Leaves that change your dreams, it may be more intense and real that you have right now. 
Takes changes in your life as you, as part of your evolution. Sometimes the changes cost be assimilated, but each one of them means a new growth, which strengthens our spirit. 
Leaves that change your thoughts, is the only way to grow.

Ian Catronis:

Hat: Lino Hair - Blacks - Modulus TMD!!

Jacket: ::GB::Bomber  Jacket  TMD!!

Pants: [ Excellence ] Jeans_WMA_Black

Shoes:  ::GB::chain slip on black gold MOM!!!