Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fighting for what you want

Sometimes in life things are as they are, we spent time watching the negative of the bad things that we are not getting the positive side, the good side, said a famous book that to us all the things that happen to us we are used to well, because we learn, we grow and mature, life is not easy, we have to understand that sometimes what we are talking about we declare or prophesied in our life is fulfilled, If the people in place to declare negative things for your life, whether in love, at work in the friendships we could learn to declare positive things, learn how to love people for their mistakes and not by its virtues, because it is easy love the virtues, but there are no perfect people and sooner or later we are going to disabuse anyone, We live life complaining and not enjoyed it, we did not enjoy the time the time in the life there is to learn to fight, it is not easy nobody says it's easy, sometimes we lose a battle, but we have to be in the goal of winning the war,
The important point is to fight and not to feel defeated before he fought, sometimes we are going to fight for something and we are already with an attitude of defeat, is in us, in no one else, no-one else is going to fight for it or fight for you, who will advise , who you want to tell me what to do , but nobody really is going to fight for you,
Things are in your hands of it depends on if you leave the go and you're happy with thinking that could have been, or to withhold not to leave your snatch anything, fight fight for what you have and the life was in your hands and live for the moment, today, tomorrow and live what it is , what you have because the future is uncertain nobody has insured, enjoy what life puts you in your hands because the morning no one knows,  In one is no-one else is going to fight for it only you. That is what you want? you said Declare, confess and fight for what you want, not negatively alive thinking i can't , it will not work , won't come out well, positive lives, i can , it works everything will be ok, and if at the end of the life looking back you're going to feel well because fit you gave all of it, some things went but not other u say the best of me and that makes me feel good, be winner in you.

Ian Catronis

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