Friday, April 17, 2015

***Love is Forgive and Forget***

I know that as humans we all make mistakes, confusion sometimes brings distrust, we feel hurt and forgotten in pain lose hope.It is human weakness, imperfection characterizes us, nobody lives happily without love, loneliness all martyred.If we are right or wrong about the person who says he loves us, yet we defend, we protect the ego that claims us ... 

When you truly love, soul and heart, the differences are unnecessary, and love prevails obvious reason.To love is to give constant attention, is a feeling I can not hide, is manifested in many ways, no matter who we hurt, love can heal us. 

Love is only one, here, there and around the world we can not attach our way, if you really love , that feeling becomes eternal.
Love is delivered with soul and body, with visible actions of feelings, not omitted for any reason, not silent , is explicit at all times. 

The power of true love transcends all understanding, is persevering and willing overcomes the obstacles of any impediment.
 My words may not make sense, you might not think to do, but if anything bothers my mind ... Always remember, to love is to forgive and forget!

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