Friday, April 24, 2015

** Always go ahead **

Life is not easy and we always wake up with the same feeling: that even if you see the glass half empty we must move forward. Let's go on!It is delusional to think that we can ever be totally free of problems because we always have something that bothers us, rob us of sleep, or make us feel dissatisfied with life. Solve a problem as soon discover a new one, or even worse, witness the return of a problem than we thought and exceeded. So much so that it is logical that we sometimes discouraged, losing the will to live day to day, thinking that life will not be surprised or glad ... 
Those thoughts are not good, we do well, and we have to get rid of them for if we live, something we are already doing, it is with joy and hope in each new day. 
After all, not everything is negative, we must also learn to appreciate the good things without taking them for granted.

Each day is a gift, live it well, for the love they have for you is a blessing, not everyone is able to give. Personally I like to believe that people are beings of love, able to give and receive joy to each other. I like to believe that the love I give is received with the same value that I gave it. 
Let us live each day as if it were your last, looking to give love and happiness to those around us, and taking advantage of the opportunities we have to be good to each other.

Ian Catronis

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