Tuesday, February 25, 2014

- Never Believe Everything you Think -

Be very conservative. Many people have ruined their lives, have become bitter and unhappy about not having this in mind:


Especially, thoughts ...
... in invalid you
... in which you say you do not try.
... in autocompadeces you or you become the victim of others.
... with those who disregard it wonderful what you have.
... that lead to distrust or away from people.
... on how good you do not know your past.
.... in which you do not appreciate your efforts and achievements.
... in which you do not recognize your incredible ability to achieve what you want.

More to be aware of what others say about you, cares permanently and suspicion, what you tell yourself you. Change the way of talking to yourself, and you change your quality of life instantly.

Just for today I choose to be more cheerful and positive: will notice the difference!


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