Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The heat of the soul

 All of us we have spent many days, or weeks, without receiving any gesture of love of neighbor. These are difficult times, when the human warmth disappears, and the life is reduced to a laborious effort to survive. 

In those moments in which the fire beyond not gives heat to our soul, we must review our own home. We must add more firewood and try to illuminate the darkened room in which our lives are transformed.

When we hear that our fire crackles, that wood creaking, that the embers glow or the stories that the flames have, hope we will be returned. 

If we are capable of love, we shall also be capable of being loved. It is not only a matter of time.

                                                                                                                 Paulo Coelho


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Short: Legal Insanity - Brooklyn shorts dirty

Leggings: Legal Insanity - Margot nylon leggings stripes petroil

Hair: Vanity Hair: No Substitute Love NEW!

Shoes: ~~[M] Salvatore Studded Wedges