Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be good to you

Decide to do something really nice today for a very important person in your life: YOU!
In order to bring you to others, you must first have something to give.
So enjoy life. Have fun. Give yourself permission.
Be good to you.  

How do you make others happy if you are not happy? Enjoy this day.
Do something special for you. 

Amidst the frustration, and even in times of despair, is the joy of simply being alive
Nothing is gained by denying your own happiness.  
Being happy is a choice that one is always in time to make a choice that you can do without having to feel any guilt.
You deserve to be good to you.
And that will be a more effective, interesting, creative and productive.
Make you the type of person that can really make a difference.
It is nice to you today and every day.


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