Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Remember that ...

There are sorrows that are like the waterfalls of the rivers, slide soft and lowered by your life without stopping before the obstacles to then lead to the beaches of your future joy.
When notes that your gaze lost the brightness of the sunset, recalls that in the morning rises the sun who will be your today the start of your day, why always expects the morning with the head erect.
Sympathizing with the continuous life even when your sun does not shine. All the troubles that you couldn t perceive in life have as purpose to remember that you still have the sense of taste to differentiate the good from the bad. Only live one day at a time, so if you're in a hurry you have to wait 24 hours to see the morning.
How Much love is there in heaven for you! Life is a luxury, it is the taste of the exquisite by keep a foot in front of the other. Yes, life is a luxury; luxury to love, to breathe, to dream and to be happy. Why spend your life as if you are millionaire. That your smile is similar to that of the children when they know they are loved and that you can see in this day you were born you were to receive a caress in each one of your beats, you know the taste of perfuming your mouth with words full of the aroma of your interior and that the peace that surrounds the fatherly heart of God that you keep saturated of tranquility in this your only day that belongs to you live.
Being alive is one of the most beautiful gifts that you'll be able to keep both your spirit and your soul and eternal youth. Therefore, expresses your liveliness in everything you do, laugh as if it were the last time, it sounds like children and make it a human being that live and let live.
Each week there is two days of which we don't have to worry ever. Two days that would have to be free from sorrow.
Yesterday with their concerns, its evils and their sentences. Yesterday she ran away from our hands, is gone forever and not all the gold in the world could relive the day yesterday.
We cannot delete just one of our acts, we cannot avoid a single word of that we have pronounced; the past is not more.
Another day of which we would not have to worry about is "tomorrow" with their adversities possible, its burdens, its nice promises. Tomorrow is also outside of our scope. Tomorrow the sun will rise in all its splendour or behind a screen of clouds, but was lifted. Until the moment we have no power over the morning, but is yet to come.
We still have a single day, "today". All the people can fight a battle in a single day. It is when you and I added the weight of these two awful Eternities, "yesterday, and Tomorrow". They are not the evidence of the day the tasks that are due or crazy man, it is the remorse or bitterness that has left us yesterday and the fear of what we can bring tomorrow.

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