Friday, February 7, 2014

The Pain

The pain itself is not an evil that we have to avoid at all costs. The pain is a teacher who can teach us many things. The pain teaches us, tells us that change, that we stop doing one thing and embark on another, to stop thinking in a certain way and begin to think differently.

And when we refuse to listen to the pain and his teachings, the only thing left to us is to become fugitives. Actually, what we are saying is: 
I'm not going to listen, 
I am not going to learn, 
I am not going to change. 
People open and they grow to reluctantly do not take the pedagogy of pain and seek change. Try to responses and appropriate corrections.

The others do not listen to the teachings of the pain. They contented themselves with settling and living with the 10 per cent of their human potential. They contented themselves with dying, without having really lived. 
 Through the real and permanent relationships of love, we cannot recover the acceptance of ourselves, the realization of what we seek. If we have these two qualities, everything else will be moving in the direction of growth on the path of peace. 

When missing the love and sense of personal worth, the only thing that remains is a partial existence. And so we can only reach a fraction of what we have achieved and been. 
The glory of God that is that the person fully alive, will have been cut. 

Let us learn from the pain.  
                                                                                             J. Powell


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