Friday, February 14, 2014

What is Love?

What is Love? 

Difficult question to answer, until today I believe that no one has been able to give a precise meaning of so enigmatic word. Love, a feeling, a desire, a longing, a life, a reality, in the end there are so many words that we have tried to use to describe something that for me is indescribable.

Love for me is the most beautiful that your life can get, It is wanting, worship, and sometimes suffer, love is the most wonderful thing that God could create, experiment is born, it is living, is to believe, is to feel a superior force that drives you, motivates you, gives you the joy to continue, tenderness is immeasurable, it is handing without conditions or reservations, it is not a dream or a fantasy, it is a reality, it is the beginning of a dawn with her gaze and the darkness of the night when you stop seeing you, in the end love is simple total dedication.

Love is to overcome any obstacle to experience this enigmatic "feeling", is to leave everything without go in search of anything, love is to accept, recognize mistakes, forgive, endless list of qualities which ensnares the word love, but without a doubt, love is to live.

Love does not respect borders, becomes the protagonist of all, of consciousness and of your way to lose the reason, love is to share, love is a vastness, it is happiness that sometimes draws suffering, love is only rejoice in its existence, love is freedom.

The word love, is the highest expression of affection you can offer, this, for me, is the most difficult to explain and demonstrate, a immeasurable joy, the light that illuminates your darkness, the force to your soul that gives power to continue on foot.

Countless occasions are accustomed to use this word without even being sure of what is in its entirety, by interpreting it even as well as a feeling or maybe as a value, but in spite of all this I am still convinced with my own definition of love, coming to the conclusion that love is to live.    


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