Saturday, September 12, 2015

** For you you love! **

When in your heart it opens, full of life, scented flower of love, remember that someone planted the day within you.
When your heart is lit with the soft colours of the sunset, remember that someone was you.
When the fire of passion burning your heart, consuming all your fibers in the immolation of pleasure, remember that someone lit the flame.
When your heart is embroidery of golden dreams, woven with threads of Moonlight, remember that someone colored your inner world.
When the night find you heart broken and anguished by the bitterness in the day, remember that there is someone waiting for you with the handkerchief in his hand.
When insomnia makes you desperately spin in bed, remember that someone can seed dreams of peace in your mind.
When the loneliness you press and your cry find no echo, remember that there, on the other hand, someone loves your company and understands your cry.
When your secrets do not fit more inside you, threatening to break levees of your soul, remember that there is someone willing to pick them up and save them with the fondness and dignity that you expect.
When the blue of the sky, the warmth of the Sun, the Twitter of birds, the perfume of the flowers, the nostalgia of sunset, the charm of the morning, the serenity of lakes and the smile of the ventura you dwell in your heart, remember that someone has touched your heart with the wand miracle of love.
You, that you love and live in the contradictory world of Rainbow and dark, calm and agitation, peace and instability, knows that there is someone that lives in your planet!
At happy hours, share with her your smiles, in the hours of solitude, see, get up and look for it wherever it is.
Do not watch the clock! What they care about the hours? Life is so short, there is no time to lose!
You that you love, if you have the courage and the simplicity of doing so, open your lips and sings the miracle of love, because only the 'love' approaching persons and they do speak the same language...


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