Friday, September 11, 2015

** The Biggest Mistake **

The biggest mistake you commit time, for fear of making mistakes, you're wrong to risk leaving on the journey towards your goals.

Not wrong the river when, finding a mountain on his way, back to move forward towards the sea the water is wrong for fear of being wrong, it stagnates and rots in the lagoon
Seed is not wrong when he dies in the groove to be ground, which is wrong not to die under the earth, renouncing life.

Not wrong the man who tested different ways to achieve your goals, think that that does not trigger equivocation.

No mistaking the bird flight testing the first falls to the ground, think that that fear of falling waiver to fly remaining in the nest.

I think they are wrong those who do not accept that being a man is asking for himself every day, without ever meeting fully.

I think down the road it will reward you not find



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