Monday, September 7, 2015

** Enthusiasm **

The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek and means to have a God within himself.
The enthusiastic or excited person is one that is taken by one of the gods , led by their strength and wisdom , and for that reason could transform the nature around and make things happen.
Only enthusiastic people are able to overcome the challenges of everyday life. It is necessary therefore excited to solve the problems that arise and move to a new situation. 

Enthusiasm is not a quality that is built or developed . It is a state of faith, self-affirmation. The enthusiastic person is one who believes in his ability to transform things , believes in herself , believe in each other , believes in the power it has to transform the world and their own reality. It is driven to act in the world , to transform it, moved by the strength and certainty in their actions. 
You need to believe in yourself , the ability to do, to change and transform the world around us...
Stop all the negativity aside , put aside all the skepticism , stop being unbelieving and be enthusiastic with life, with those around us and with yourself.

  Aris Credit HereLove And Fashionista 

Hair : Tableau Vivant \\  LeeJae - [Frizzy Chic] - FatPack @ TMD!!

Skin: Essences :[TMP] Clive Heads Installers + Body Installers @ Cosmopolitan Bi-Weekly Event

Jeans: not so bad . mesh . EDWIN jeans . used black @ TMD!!!