Monday, September 14, 2015

** Making love is **

Making love is to walk together in life, overcoming the obstacles that life itself may introduce, grow spiritually and intellectually, evolve together, strengthen ties in common with those little details that sometimes seem silly and insignificant, but which are nevertheless so important to avoid the routine that is the cruelest enemy of love.
As you feel sad, when you feel happy when you feel depressed, when you feel sick, when you feel health and always feel that person next to you, telling you, "I love you" and she answered "I love you more"... in these moments you can say "I made love".

Making love is to reach the end of your life with that person that years ago you won and that has made you feel being more happy and blessed on Earth.

Aris Credit HereLove And Fashionista 


Hair: [INK] Hair___KINDA ::Beige/Mocha @ TMD!!

Mask: Nana - Denzel Mask/Crown the body modification expo

Tattoo: [AR2 Style] Mandala Tattoo