Friday, September 19, 2014

I am accepted as i am

To learn how to love the other i started by to love myself, to accept that i am as i am, and to trust that my decisions are correct.
For that reason, I support in my successes, I accept the love that gives me and I accept the criticisms, because I am a person who is always willing to be in this world, and to learn to live in. I am here for some reason and I try to be consistent with my own ideas and convictions.

My heart beats each day, and to open my eyes that my life continues, i have to enjoy all the things that the world gives me, and that as a reward i also all of my for others to take confidence in themselves and reach as far as I have come.
Accept ourselves as we are all involved: the mind and body regardless of our appearance, and is that only acceptance grows as people. When we were pleased to find ourselves in a mirror and watch us so happy from our interior, because there was born what we intend to the world.

I need to think about that the whole creation is made to enjoy it, so it will be easier by letting me bring the wonders, because i deserve the best. Even accepted the rejections that before so badly i did. Now I see and I reflect on them, because there might be some truth in what we are critical, and if I am able to not they pour out, listen and reflect on the rejections that i suffer is because I have great faith in myself: I am unique, valuable and loved me as such.

If we expect to be perfect for people to love as we are, we lose the whole life. We are already perfect people, here and now.
Don't want to greatness, I don't expect much and I do not expect anything, I am not so good person, nor should it be so bad, I am a unique person. With the time one learns that only squawking all around to ourselves we can be seen as perfect in the eyes of any person.

Over the course of life is passed through many stages, and each one of them fell down and I learned; whatever the role that I play, I do always with the best will and love that is born from inside me.You must be happy of who we are, we need not compare ourselves with anyone else, I am not in this life to live amargadamente for not having what others have; I am happy as I am, I don't have to get sick of being overwhelmed by be better, because as well as i am i liked, for me i am perfect, we must have a mind as well, have a mind winning.

All i need is love me today more than yesterday and being ressurected as to be a deeply loved. The cares to my same, florecere with a beauty that I can barely begin to glimpse, i am and i will be my best friend. You too can love you as you are.

Love is the food that we need human beings to perform our greatness. When we learn to love more to ourselves, we learn also to love more to the whole world.
We must learn to see the world with more love. In this way, our environment will be from healthy persons of spirit, and we will be helping to make the world a much better, because as people, we shall be also.

And as it is now and will be, if you begin to love you and your mouth say every morning: 
i loved as i am, 
I like everything I do 
and if someone does not like I'm not going to give up what I am: 


 Ian Catronis
Hair: >> Aeros Hair Javier << Naturals :: basic five

Beard : Beusame:: Facial Hair V7.6


Face Piercing: [MANDALA]OKAKI face peiarcing set

Jacket: [coepio]Mr.September[with Hud]

Pants: [Pumpkin]Sweat pants(white cotton)

Bracelet 1: (MALE) [MANDALA] UTAMARO Bracelet /white(wear me to unpack


Hands: Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Male - Relax

Hands jewelry: **{FORMANAILS}**For Slink Hand - RELAX-Design-BRASSKNUCKLE

Boots: FLite. -Aviators Snow