Thursday, September 18, 2014

A new opportunity

I have had bad experiences in life, reasons to cry and suffer… but i have decided to not let myself be influenced by the past. I am far from perfection, I have made mistakes, but as a person i am unique, there is no one like me. I have the right to find love and happiness, and I will do so.

We are all entitled to a second chance. You can in your first stage, suffering and tears, but today it gives you a new chance in life… don't close your eyes and your heart to another option, should not live with fears taxes of the past.

Do not discard the love, you can now let it matters a lot and think that after what he had experienced the love is no longer an option. But all of those questions and doubts you assault do not get response if you stay in your fourth drowned between sadness and reproaches. Only by opening your heart until you want to know where you can get being a new person.

Life is never as one wants to be, when we are confident more hurt; after a painful experience say that never again believe in love, but in the end it is not as well.

You should not lower the hands, you must follow in your search. One day you will find yourself with someone and you will be afraid to take a step forward, afraid to return to damage you, fear of failure and what people will say if you redo your life…

-Don't let fear dominate you - it is logical that the principle be afraid to repeat the past, but you have ability to deal with adversity, nothing can deny you the happiness that you deserve, we must all feel loved in life. You say that te left side to the first of change? So what? Nothing happens, all things can be overcome, we have the capacity to do so. All suffer from a bad drink, we suffer, but then spent page.

Today we have a blank workbook in which we can write a new story, a new romance ... that no one will remove the smile from her face, our environment always questioning what we do or fail to do. But you, lives life without spinning backwards. Be happy, fall in love to the bones, he laughs, he sees from the life trusting that this time you will make things well and that not everything is bad. If so, don't forget that not everything is as perfect as we want, that you have to fight for our happiness.

You must believe in the second parties. Not all people are equal, we have our imperfections, nobody is really looking for a perfect person that falling in love, what we really want is to find sincere love, true love… a love that does not give rise to suspicion.

Can people that we are not perfect, but if unique, no two alike, no one thinks or acts just like you, and that is what makes the difference. We have a right to have a good love, a healthy relationship, without hidden defects. Still moving forward with these new plans that you have, because that is something that you want, you get the courage that you have within yourself, and gives way to a new stage in your life.

Repeat with me: 
"Even though I make mistakes, my desire is to be happy and get ahead; I will do everything necessary to get to know me in the depths of my being, I will create my own dreams and live the life in my own way. Even if you return to myself, that I will do so, I'll lift, i answer and I will give you so many new opportunities as you need to reach my goals, dreams and illusions."   

Ian Catronis

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