Monday, September 22, 2014

If you don't love yourself

If you don't love yourself lost the golden rule to know how to love your neighbor. When you die someone will cry because I love you. Who will weep because you loved? You know more of the fire if once you quemaste that for all the times that you explained.

You know nothing of the love of most will explain that while you have not loved. Your selfishness devours everything that the other has; your love offers what the other lacks. The furrow covers and embraces the seed without stifle it, and left them free to be pin. As well she makes love with the one who loves.

If you don't love you can't grow. If you do not love grow.

Many of your sorrows inexplicable have a single explanation: not as you loved the others needed, or not loved you as you'd expect. Enhance the time of your life with the love that you or trying to fill the vacuum that leaves the love that you lack. If no one you would have loved you'd died. If you do not love anyone as you are dead.

Do you ever thought that God is not God if it is not love? 
The love never dies. The caricatures of love never last long. 
Have you ever wondered why men are revealed when they think that God does not love them? 
You need courage to love both as to leave you love.   

We are so happy when we love and when we love, and we love so little ... What puzzling is the man! It is never as damaging the selfishness, as when it masquerades as love. Nothing commits both as love and nobody is as free as the one who loves.

The heat of the sun opens the flowers. The warmth of love opens hearts. If I mention there that did not love anyone, rather than condenarte by thy sin i would suffer by your misfortune.

Ian Catronis

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