Friday, September 19, 2014

For the friends

Here among us and without that nobody hears us: The hours we spent here are wonderful! What a pity that some family members, friends and acquaintances fail to understand the greatness of the friendship that we share through this virtual network. They cannot understand how people can be taken both affection, if it had never been found, if it had never been seen, if you have never met personally.

Here among us and no one will hear: I just wanted you to know how important you are and how much you represent for me in this virtual space. We share our thoughts, our dreams, our plans for the future ... 
What other way would we do that so well?

They don't know that we do not judge or condemn us: only we are looking for and we offer the helping hand. Don't know that we exchanged hugs ( and even kisses! ) Do not know that in our, virtual friendship, we care for one another, we pondered situations and we share so many things that we learn here.
You don't know how, therefore, that we can and we have to learn! Here among us and no one will hear: I just wanted you to know that my days are brighter and that my thoughts are much happier for thy sake.

That s why now i'll send this "stealth message" I want you to feel that there is someone here who you sense flies out, you want to brighten your day, you want to wish you all the happiness in all the days of your life! Here among us and without that nobody hears us: 
I thank the heavens this virtual world because without the had never managed to get so close to you!

 Ian Catronis:

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