Friday, September 19, 2014

Without it I can also be happy

Many times we wonder if we can be happy in spite of so much suffering and so much of disloyalty on the part of those who at the time were a major part in our lives… At times like these come to us the memories, both those that hurt, in the ones you see pass the time and you think that you'll never be happy, or that you'll never to love as you did it that time.

Thank God, there is always bandages of love to heal our wounds. Love, although it is the most beautiful thing you can also get to be the deeper pain in your heart. There is to know raise, there is that prepare the mind for a new life, you can no longer be thinking that it will be your life without that person, you must take to these ghosts that appear when you think they have gone.

Always the same thing happens: 
you walk down the aisle of the pain. 
You do not want to know nothing of life… 
that is enough! 

Do not proceed with this, get up, look at your mirror and tell me if anything didn't see on it to someone much more courageous than that, someone with more decision for doing things differently, which is required under someone to start a new life, to love yourself and to have more confidence in what it does… Please check out the mirror and convince that you're going to succeed despite the obstacles that life you present.

It clear that you can return to be happy without this person, it is not the center of your universe. I am sure that in your life there are more people willing to make you happy, and you may even be children, parents, family, friends that are angels that God sends you to pick up the pieces that have been scattered by the way ...

Now you can get up with the security of that if it was not true, and if you don't respect, does not deserve anything of you. Do you beg love? No, not crumbs, you deserve everything, no pieces or pieces that you want to give. Respetate, be strong, it will not be the only bad experience you have in life, there will be many more, but you will be preparing for what is to come, you're already iron but with the soft heart to return love, or simply to give love to those around you.

A good morning, a good day when that person already seek you won't be the same person. You will be a beautiful person who has been reinforced for the headaches that can cause the life and a bad love. You'll be much better, you'll surrender your heart to who deserves it and not the first that comes.

While sadness is going on your life, to Saugatuck/Douglas in the love of your children, your parents and your friends who are so important that without ask nothing, give their all.
Don't hesitate, you can go back to be happy and very well. When you ask about the haughty gaze well you can say: "Without you i can be happy, and what I am".

With those simple words you've earned the battle without the need to say anything more. You should remain firm in your purpose in life, searching for a way to be happy, asked God to help you in your grief and you'll see that tomorrow will be a better day and you can return to resume your life. Grows as a person, aid to those who need it… and that will make you useful, and with the only fact to help others you'll see that everything is going to go very well in your life, and repeats until you're tired:

"Without you i am a better person, and best of all is that I can be happy without having to be by your side".

Life is too beautiful to let it pass without having enjoyed. 


Ian Catronis

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