Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mourning in the heart

There is nothing more difficult to wake up every morning remembering that who both have loved has died, that is gone forever. Don't know how to deal with the loneliness, do not know what will happen with your life, because you never expect overnight you can lose to whom both housewives.

"We were very happy, our talks were of large and small things, everything seemed to have importance for it, and so i transmitting. Tapeworms goodness for all that you needed, today it is very sad knowing that you are no longer. Don't know how I can overcome your death, or if i can achieve this… They say that little by little over the stages of grief, but now I just want to cry when I remember you."

The experience that will live after the departure of someone close and loved is something very complicated, and much more if you had not foreseen. But who owns life? Only God. Only God knows the because of the things.

The first thing that happens to you by the head is not to accept the fact that has died. Do you think is a dream that will wake up tomorrow with the good news that is there, on the other side of the phone line, willing to talk with you for that don't worry more…

It is particularly distressing when someone dies and you haven't had time to embrace, time to say goodbye and to tell them how much you are loved. But thanks be to God, you feel the comfort that even though it is not the way you couldn t say that you'd do now, we already knew loved by you. You know, that although could go a long time without knowing each other, had a strong bond of love that it took you to presentirlo without even seeing him.

After accepting the fact that it is not, who has died, come the tears and many! Your heart drops to pieces, you don't know how to begin the day, it is increasingly strong pain and less understanding of the people around you because nobody can understand that no matter what we lived between the two, there is no comfort as possible.

Losing a loved one is very hard, almost daily is read and hear about the death of other people, but never thinks that one day when i arrived to be something so close and personal. There is no pain greater than that of losing a loved one, nothing more hard to find you crying every dawn without knowing how to stop the tears. Your chest is depressed and the days become increasingly slow and gray.

But the that we are Christians we know that death is not the last step to be taken. Who died is with our Lord, and from there, we will send all his peace. God will give us everything we need, that we live in the way of the Lord, we know and believe in eternal life. And that is the hope we have, that one day we will be back to see him and our meeting will be a lot nicer.

Today I understand the pain of the loss. Still can't get accepted, but little by little ful walk knowing that is seated at the table of the Lord, what great privilege, truth?

Today we can only hope that the time click what is theirs and will bring peace, because as long as it remains in our heart and mind, your gear will have only been in body. It will always be in every rose garden, in each snowflake that falls, in every drop of rain that will pose on my… he always will be.

Each time that we appoint that person sure to be watching and hoping that we will be well, that won't let us cry, as it will be in peace with God and much more with all what i love…

We will absorb cost increases the pain but also we will give you wings to fly in peace. God take care of them and of us forces in the face of adversity.


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