Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4

United States they are a people that has suffered much in spite of the fact that it says the opposite. Many years ago was a nation oppressed by another nation, the Great Britain, however one of the things for which is now seen as great power is by faith that kept its first settlers in the God of the Bible.

The great blessings of this nation does not have been coincidence, there is a backup that not many people know. They simply sought to God and their laws were based on biblical principles.

It is called the land of opportunities, and yes, actually live in this country is a huge opportunity because you can receive all the benefits of freedom. But if we could understand that this freedom was given by the base they used to serve as a nation, many peoples and nations could achieve that freedom and prosperity that is yearning for both if the search for God outside sincere, direct and transparent. God is the master key, not a religion.

Happy 4 July!!!!



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