Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Humility is something that must be carried in the heart part 1

Today we will talk about humility, something that not all we have, but that is very needed by humanity. There are people who think that all the world owes them something, that we must all live at your own pace, never realize or believe that pudira having another person with the highest distress and deficiencies that themselves. See only what they need and want.

Many times, people are very lucky, although it does not realize. Not people who appreciate the effort that is for the other giving them or bake something, see it as a duty. They feel no need to thank nothing, act as if everything as much as they were in was the payment of a debt owed to them. If anything good comes to the home, it is taken for themselves without thinking of the other, without thinking about how much that others in the household could enjoy it, need it or deserve it.

Recently a person was visiting a humble friend, of those people who are working from sunrise to sunset to get ahead in a foreign country. Went to the to tell him about the wonderful life that has, as well as lives, the pleasures that you can afford, and the little effort that you have assumed. And I wonder, why are there people who would do that? How can someone go to the home of a poor person to tell you to eat steak every day?

The lack of humility that sometimes we are faced with our fellow human beings is so sad that until I have a hard time counting the anecdotes of this human being so poor in spirit. We must think before we talk about what we have because there are many less fortunate persons who do not have the most basic means to survive.


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