Sunday, September 29, 2013

The power of Kindness

You know what one of the clearest signs of self confidence? Kindness.

You have to have real confidence and inner security to be nice. Kindness comes from the fortress. And spread turn that strength to others. She expresses things that words alone could never convey.
If you are tempted to be rude, do not forget that choosing such an approach are choosing to fight a difficult battle.

All the extra effort you should put into play to avoid being kind do not contribute, ultimately, absolutely nothing. Opt instead to act with sincere kindness. Sumarás undeniable strength and positive to each of your endeavors.

- Credits - 

 Jacket: / XIAJ / Knit Trench Coat - NEW!!
Pants: [Pumpkin] Low jeans (Dark Stone)
Hair: Action Mesh Hair James Veganic
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots for Men
Necklace:[MANDALA] KARMA Necklace/Justice BLACK
Ears piercing: [MANDALA] TAKAYAMA Face & Ear piercing
Face piercing:[MANDALA] OKAKI Face Piercing Set

On Lluvia: 

Hair: ISON - Heidi (essentials 00) 

Top: [LF] - Basic Unbuttoned Top Black

Pants: [R3] - Bay High-Waist [V3] - NEW!!

Bracelet: [MANDALA] - REIKI Bracelet /Black 

Watch: [MANDALA] - HOKUSAI Bracelet set/BLACK

Boots: ::::Suki:::: - Keri Boots [black]