Tuesday, September 17, 2013

- Interior Cleaning -

I was needing to do a cleanup on me: throw some unwanted thoughts, wash media some treasures that were oxidized. 
Then I took out the bottom of the drawers memories that use and don't want anymore. 
I pulled out some dreams, some illusions. Presented papers never used, never gave smiles. 
I pulled out the anger and resentment of withered flowers were in a book I never read. 
I looked for my future and my joys smiles alleged and placed them in a box, well ordenaditas. 
I took everything from inside the closet and went knocking over: hidden passions, repressed desires, horrible words I never wanted to say, wounds of a friend, memories of a sad day. 
And I also found other things ...And very beautiful!: A bird singing outside my window, that silver-colored moon, the sun set.

I was charming and distracting, looking at each of those memories. 

I sat on the floor in order to choose. Direct threw in the trash bag the remains of a love that hurt me. I took the words of rage and pain that were on the shelf above, since almost no use, and threw out at the same instant. 
Other things that have hurt me, and then placed them apart to see what I will do with them, if forgotten or sending to the landfill. 
It was in that box, in that one drawer keeps everything more important: love, joy, smiles. Faith for the moments that we need.

Picked with love love found, turned ordenadito desires, put perfume in hope, I spent a washcloth on the shelf of my goals and let in the light not to forget.

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- Credits - 

On Ian:

Shirt: [Pumpkin] Relaxed Cardigan (Blue)

Pants: [R3] -
Carter Baggy Jeans [V3] - NEW!!
Hair: Hair CHRIS - Brown - REDGRAVE - NEW!!
Shoes: 2Real  HOLBROOKZ
Face Piercing: [MANDALA] OKAKI Face Piercing Set
Teeth: [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.1
Hands: [CheerNo] Hands V3 #4
Watch & Bracelet: [MANDALA] SITENNOAH Watch & Bracelet Black

On Lluvia:

Hair: Dura Hair - *Dura - Girl * 49 - NEW!!

Suit: [Cynful] - Lil'lace Swag Suit - Trashed - (Exclusive at Silicone) - NEW!!

Wedges: [.LAYOVER.] - Immunity Oxford Wedges - NEW!!

Watch & Bracelet: [MANDALA] - Okaki Bracelet & Hokusai Bracelet