Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gestures Speak

Sometimes, living situations, in which the words seem to disappear from our vocabulary.
Knotted in the stomach up to the throat and do not know, we have no idea how to get them out.
We often happens when our friends need us most. Paradoxically, in that very situation we run into that barrier could say anything.
We do not know what to say, do not have an acceptable explanation for suffering, we are afraid of saying something wrong and we stand still.
Find words with ease, mostly already worn and repeated, to express our joy, our desire for happiness, no matter if someone already said them or not.
We borrow these common phrases and make them our message.
And our friends greet him with an open heart, with the smile plastered, because they also use the same.
It is the custom, is normal, gentle, is noble.
It is a million times better than oblivion.
Our great difficulty is to express words of comfort, when we ourselves have a heart crushed with grief to see the suffering of another.
Knowing that we can not do anything!
Going to happen, we know, for all the pains pass, as they pass the moon nights and sunny days.
Nothing is stable and steady.
And we wanted so much to find the exact words that will liven up the suffering, to provide immediate comfort, which anesthetize or cured at once!
And then, at the exact instant the words die.
But there is a secret:
Gestures speak!
A kiss speaks.
A caress is a sweet and gentle voice.
A presence, even in silence, says.
A hug speaks volumes.
A genuine look says a lot!
A hand picking hands speaks as several hundred mouths and hearts ...
When words refuse to leave you, talk with gestures. May understand you.
Giving of yourself is worth more than all the words in the dictionary together!

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