Tuesday, March 24, 2015

-***Liven up the Dreams*** -

Liven up the dreams that feed the soul, never confuse them with vain realities.
Although your mind feel the need
to achieve the goals and climb mountains, never break your dreams, because you kill the soul.
Give life to your dreams even call you crazy,
do not let them die of boredom, little by little,
do not break the wings, which are fanciful,
and let them fly with you in the company.
Give life to your dreams and, with them flying,
will touch the stars and the wind, whispering,
will tell you secrets that saved
and feel your body with caresses, bathed, soul awakening to be by your side.
Liven up the dreams you have hidden,
discover that you can live the moment
with eyes open and fears asleep,
with closed eyes and daydreams.

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Ian Catronis

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