Tuesday, March 24, 2015

++- Kiss The Soul -++

The soul does not grow on trees, but thrives in our area, as the body of the food.
The soul needs to be fed with beautiful visions, words to fill ... or who can kiss the soul.
Kissing the soul is know to have patience, understanding, and never judge anyone, just accept people as they are ...
Kissing the soul is embraced when solitude, when you are sad ... without saying anything, just stand with the hug of support.
Kissing the soul, is to sit together when there is no need to talk, when you only need the silence, to not ask questions ...

Kissing the soul, is to feel other hands giving support to strengthen the hope of life and company.

Kissing the soul, ie you want to look ...

Kissing the soul ... is easy, you just need to decide to get off the pedestal of pride that often surrounds us and consumes us.

Kissing the soul ... How many of us need that kiss in the soul that never comes?

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Ian Catronis

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