Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The moments are to live and enjoy

Life is full of moments, a few more enjoyable than others, some more memorable than others and some more passengers than other… Some of those moments reach immortality, because they are moments that have been engraved in our hearts with the brush of uncertainty, doubt, remorse, regret, pain or even overflowing with happiness. All the lived moments are part of our lives, they are to live them, accept them, remember them and forget them.
There are moments in life that we marked forever, they leave traces which nothing can erase because they have are marked in our hearts. Unforgettable moments, many times because of love that were killed by a mistake that we made, or errors of themselves but in which none had the humility to apologize, errors that we leave behind something that with a little more effort could have made us happy and give another direction for our life.
But it is already late and why they are called "moments" and if we do not know how save them or care for them we will be as water between the fingers. Don't try to forget or to be thinking about what you did not, that's all gone now, there is no turning back, only forward treasuring all the beautiful moments that gave us life, that in his time did not appreciate.
Kept in a place of your heart everything lived, that which thou hast wept and what you've laughed; they are moments that will accompany you when you arrive the autumn to your life and one day you'll be surprised looking back and feeling happy for having loved and been loved.
Although that relationship did not transpire, don't let the shadows of sadness erased your moments, don't let anyone else erase the memories. Defiled love in another person and that is a feeling that not all the know how to give; if thou hast loved and loved and if you do not you received what you have given me to don't amount, you have been a privileged person, there is that throw the crumbs of bread into the water, there will be those who benefit from your act of love.
There is always that give everything not saved anything, learn from the mistakes and be humble, unfortunately this is something that we learn when we have already committed faults, but you still have the opportunity to teach your loved ones the nobility of forgiveness and not save grudges against anyone, this is the only way to be happy.
Perhaps for our life as time passed, but they are things we can teach our children to never lose the most beautiful moments of life, because then just remain questions that were never answers.
 Seeks to not delay things, forget and preserve memories will give you more joy and happiness to your life, each day that passes you would say: 
Today is a new day for me! I will make every minute and every hour that pass are special, because this is what we are talking about life, to live the moments, whether happy or sad, you must live it, because no day is equal to another… Today i am going to live my moments and i will cherish in my heart the history of my life! 

Ian Catronis

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