Friday, January 9, 2015

Losing to win

Sounds easy, even simple, but it is not. We must be prepared to lose something to gain something better. Willing to lose what we work for a long time, in order to gain something new, different and better.

Many times it is necessary to win… lose when we are in a relationship with your partner that has become stormy, when those same dreams that one day fed our lives are no longer, when that person that was your life was, tea has been unfaithful… or when your friends with the who and dad your joys and sorrows are no longer there for you, are too busy to attend.

Your marriage has been horrible, just want to keep it all a bad dream for awakening of all these sad realities… in all these situations, one must lose to win.

There is to lose, release what does not make us well, although it is something that we strive and we thought long ago. You cannot be all the time talking about the suffering and injustices that we live, we must be willing to release, leave behind… lose to win.

It clear that you will suffer, you're going to cry, but what is worth more? Will be a time in silence, a cleaning inside to be able to exit the light, to be able to give to life another chance and try to live in a calm manner. For fear of loneliness just clinging to memories, to what we have won and what time we have been saving. Everything in life it takes effort, why costs drop and lose. But nothing in this life belongs to us, even our own life, everything is borrowed, nothing is eternal… That's why I invite you to do this reflection: many times we must lose to stand up and win again.

Remember their life was like before they arrive so many problems and suffering are holding in their hearts. Where was this person that eras before, with dreams of success and projects? Where is that fighter that person more than once was model to follow for other people? What was the person with purpose and vision that once?

You try to search within your being that step with the person who once thou wast, and think again that you are very special.

Returns to believe in yourself, in your capacity to love and make progress in what you propose. Think again that if you want to work on something, you can do it. Returns to be a safe person for itself, as you've been in the past, more than now ... before it reached that person that i just completely annulling.

There is nothing easy laughing again without stopping, it is not easy when you just want to cry. It is not easy to get back to deliver the heart when you have broken several times, but it can be, if you put on your part you can. Only you need to be aware that there are times when it is know release, let go of what surrounds you (whether material or sentimental) and letting go those things that don't make you happy.    

There is to lose to win, because within this "loss" you'll never have to be reborn, to live the life without be suffering or without being the entire day talking about your woes… There is life for you, there is hope within the pain, trust in God that he will. Make an exercise;

-Sigh- Loose… and returns to live.


 Ian Catronis

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