Monday, January 19, 2015

Back is the bad

Back is bad, let the good in our lives the past is part of who we are, even the mistakes and suffering of the past. But sometimes we give too much importance to the past and we make it our eternal present. Why do we cling to the suffering? Why not forget? Why we are eating the head by the past?
But back there is nothing good or callable, behind only there are wounds, forgetfulness, pain and indifference of the person who was. In spite of everything, walls have been formed in the soul of those who do not want to let the past go. Why keep clinging to suffering? Life is too beautiful to continue to suffer by the past. If we spend the time looking back we lose what is ahead of us.
The love, the joy, the desire to live… let us leave behind the pain and the desire to not continue to live. That believe me, we have already had enough. It makes no sense for us to resume what we left behind. Giving up is more credible, we must love ourselves more, enough as to not allow that we locked in those bars of the past. The last step already and nobody and nothing can change, the present is in front with lots of open doors to laugh, to love and be loved. There is a place to reach the right person into our lives, there is a place for those desires to be loved.
Why refuse to be happy? That is enough! Basta of thoughts which destroy the soul and the feelings! All of this only causes us to become anything or anyone, so mood, there is a lot more for which to live, learn and discover. Much left to discover within each one of us, much more than even we can do and give… Give, yes, to give, the action that makes us more noble and praiseworthy. 

                                                     When a door closes, another opens.  

We deserve more. That each of you that read this, be aware that it is for you. You may lose the battle but not the war, they are happy and are grateful for all the things that is happening to us and it happens, then of all experience is easy to learn and all pain is born a great forgiveness that makes us better people.
Smile, that this is good medicine for the soul and caught his sack of pain of suffering wounds and everything that should not continue charging and tirenlo a cliff so deep that you will never again let see the pain, the tears, the suffering and loneliness. Walk erect with his head held high, because in this way God will be the person with a heart to yours and will be so happy that you will never again remember the things that they lived. All that we have lived and suffered will be as waters that rose, remember what I say and have an open heart, to help and give the you need a word of encouragement, in due time God returns him doubly, quieranse, valorense and do not be overcome.
You're not any thing (never forget). Always bring the best, even in the worst thing that has to live, we are creatures of love the courage and progress. Remember: The wise we will really appreciate, the fool will leave us escape, but if we know love always win the battles.
Therefore, today reviews your life but decided to be happy, living each day as if it were the best. Where before there was pain, now it's not there, because it is the hope, so look at your life with love.    

Lluvia Baily

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