Tuesday, August 20, 2013

:: ✩ How to be Happy ✩ ::

How to be happy Before I tell you "the secret of happiness", ask yourself: What do you think need to be happy? What things would ever want to experience happiness? What people need to have on your side to make you happy? 
What circumstances need to change to make you happy? Some people never feel fulfilled. Many things will annoy and upset you. Those people are going through this beautiful world running like a child desperate chases rainbows labored. Despite the serious effort of children and their attempt to reach the rainbow, seems to always mockingly away. For those people, happiness is always farther than where they are. A young man said: "I will marry when I find the person who brings satisfaction to my life." With that philosophy of life some think, when I find my spouse, then I'll be happy. Others who have already found and have been disappointed, thinking, "when I separated, then I'll be happy." Some think, "when I have children I will be happy and others, when they leave, then begin my happiness. "Life does not work that way. You can have wealth and be unhappy, being surrounded by the most loving and living the ideal circumstances ... but that does not take away from you all your ills. Is that happiness is found by finding the right person ... but being the right person. Happiness is not about finding who you happy, ... but in learning to bring happiness to those around you. The happiness of the person who learns to live wisely. Establish healthy relationships, set boundaries, accept the good and reject the questionable. Who's happy about people without suspicion but wisely and away from those they hurt, but without damaging intelligence. Happiness is found who learn to use things and not people who do not abuse or allow the abuse. Not happy who never gets injured but who knows how to avoid and, where possible, know how to cure them. Not happy who never have problems or have solved everything, ... but who knows when problems come face them wisely, and when you can, get help immediately. 

For our own sakes, stop seeking happiness in things, people or circumstances around us and begin to change from within, attitudes that are affecting us.

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