Saturday, June 22, 2013

- Web Blessings -

When someone tells you that blesses or "God fill you with blessings" not because our human mind always goes the same way, I win the lottery, I win the big Christmas bag, always material things.
Blessings are simple things, today it is raining it is a blessing for my plants for me because if it rains the dust settles on my balcony, on the street and it seems that you are more exposed to germs and viruses.
Water is a blessing, to grow those green beans I eat in the future, and that when you walk in my city see leafy those trees there right next to each other.
Blessing because they fill the marsh and not have water restrictions, which every day we need more and more, because we fill a thousand appliances that consume a lot, and golf courses that need cubic meters of water to turn green and about.
Blessings is the mere fact have risen and above say if nothing hurts, do not worry at all and you feel happy and in balance with yourself.
Is not it just a blessing to see and know of your own?
Knowing that your husband or your wife is there on your computer hanging a WEB page for thousands of strangers come to see photos, citations or implement reflection read that someone wrote with all the blessings of the world.
Blessing is having a roof, how many days I think of times when I was not about to have it for that big small, luxurious, expensive materials or Cheap, having a place to shelter from the water is a beautiful blessing that we all deserve but not all have.
There are many people who believe that the network is just for linking to enter dirty page to chat with strangers, for my network has been a beautiful blessing, thanks to her I have met people from a thousand places that otherwise would have been unthinkable, I have seen wonderful photographs have heard great music has filled me hours and hours of my life...
with love and above all made me feel useful.

- Credits -

On Ian: 
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Watch & Bracelet: [MANDALA] - SITENNOAH Black

Shoes: 2 Real - 2R1 SHOES

On Lluvia:

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Shoes: 2 Real - 2R1 SHOES 

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Ears: [MANDALA] - STEKING Ears  

Necklace: [MANDALA] - OKAKI Dog tag Necklace/GOLD