Thursday, June 27, 2013

- The Man & The Woman -

Man is the highest of creatures. The woman is the most sublime of ideals.

Man is the brain. The woman is the heart. The brain creates light, love hearts, the light fruitful love resurrects.

Man is a code. The woman is a Gospel. The code corrects, the gospel perfects.

The man is a temple. The woman is the tabernacle. In the temple we discover, we kneel before the tabernacle.

The man thinks. Woman dreams. Think is take on the skull a seed dream is to have a halo on his forehead.

Man is an ocean. The woman is the lake. The ocean has the adorning pearl, the lake, dazzling poetry.

The man is the eagle that flies. The woman is the nightingale that sings. Flying is dominate space; sing is to conquer the soul.

In short, the man is placed where the land ends, the woman where heaven begins.

 - Credits -

On Ian:
Shape not for Sale.

Shape: [CheerNo] - Mesh Doll_Ken Tan Skin - NEW!!!

Jacket: ::GB:: - MESH  Hemp  Loose shirt (Leopard Dark)

Pants: [NV] - 210 Jeans - Black -

Hat:  Legal Insanity - Jones cowboy hat skulls - NEW!!!

Sunglasses: ZENITH / V1.1 - REDGRAVE  

Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Cowboy Boots - Men - Snake

Ear piercing: .Pekka. Radius Unisex Ear Piercing

Necklace: [MANDALA] KARMA Necklace/Justice BLACK

On Lluvia:

Hair: !lamb. These Days (Mesh) - Chocolate Bars Pack - NEW!!!

Jacket: Legal Insanity - Marlene Jacket - Black

Hat: Legal Insanity - Jones Cowboy Hat Crocodile - NEW!!!

Sunglasses: Legal Insanity - Superstar aviators black classic

Leggins: MiWardrobe - Snake Glitter Leggins - Black - B

Boots: [monso] - My Western Boots

Belt: .:L&B:. - S'Wear "Celtic" Belt Unisex Set:Black