Monday, November 2, 2015

The opportunities that life gives you

When you know a person that you don't like it, but do not say so, thinking about and looking forward to getting a better time to talk with him be… but one day you realize that is no longer available, you've seen with another person and you were angry not because you are the one who walks around your arm, because that person is happy and you're not. Did you have the opportunity and the missed out, not all things revolve in our lathe, everything has its time.
When you offer a job but you don't like it, is very little for it or is far away from home. Not what you think and leave, but is costing you find a job for you and your children, or simply to let you live by your account, regardless. Wee full days and nothing, you can't find work; go back to what you ve already seen, but the plaza that labor before you offered has already been occupied.Why don't you? Since this work perhaps you could have expanded your horizons and perhaps with something in your hands you'd have a better opportunity to find other things, but we do not, you've missed the opportunity.
When you don't feel well with a family member and it hurt so much that you don't recognize in nothing: It feels like little affection and appreciation on the part of the family, and in your pride damaged you are not able to go and show love to those who you are being treated badly. Forces don't have to pay with either evil, but how we are going to do that? It would be invidious. And when you decide to go to see your family, you can no longer, so much time has passed that instead of getting closer to you have been away from much more because you were never present in the important events of the family (deaths, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc. ) it is already late and no one is willing to be trampled upon by you, since you are so high that hardly see what is below it. You've got to miss the opportunity to be with your family and be happy with them.
When you have something good in your eyes, and not much you appreciate her until lack. Raisins and see beautiful flowers, the field shows you a great variety of beautiful things that are a blessing for the eyes, but these so steeped in your thoughts, so depressed, so bitter, that you do not realize the wonders that God shows you. The next time you come back to the field the flowers they will no longer be, the colorful green fields becomes of a single color, monotone and shut off because the winter comes; you'll see only loneliness and sorrows in the landscape and will treasure the times that you crossed by there without stop to breathe and enjoy so much beauty that God had put before your eyes, you've got to let the opportunity pass.
When you have children, but productive time with them. You spend so much time to work, to be with friends, to get out of the festivities and enjoy the life, that when you get home you all sleep, and almost not see them. When you realize are so large that you can no longer control. You've lost a few good years of growth in which the learning of the moral principles of good conduct are very important, but you escaped from the hands. Today your children have a life of their own and you criticize all the time by not having state. You've got to miss the opportunity to see your sons molded to your way.
Don't let us miss the moments that God gives to us in life, take up your time for everything, think what you will do in life, don't miss out the things in your hands. Opportunities often presented only once in a lifetime, and if you don't have the wisdom to see it you've lost everything.
God gives us many opportunities, but that doesn't mean that everything that we want will always be available. And so it is in life, we are presented with opportunities and let them go, and when we want to remedy this is already too late.


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