Saturday, June 27, 2015


That by more run will not arrive before to the sites. 
That is more important and useful to have a hand of friendship to be able to hold our own and not to make the journey in solitude. 
That feelings delivered more noble and honest are the ones that we must evaluate. 
That smiling causes many difficulties more bearable. 
That selfishness and neglect only lead to negative consequences. 
That small and satisfactory moments are the ones that certainly Colman our welfare.
That friendship cannot be bought with money, it is a feeling great that has no price. 
It is necessary that our eyes leak tears in some moments to be able to see the light and the clarity with all its sharpness. 
That "love" is not the simile of "wanting". Love for wanting, wanting to get, is the similarity in many people. 
That dedication to others does not mean the obligation of having to receive necessarily.
One glance and a sincere shared silence says more than a word with such hypocrisy and speaking from the lie. That we must learn to stand up after each fall. 
That the eyes speak for themselves. 
That the word "friend" has for many people the meaning of "known". In the friendship that the distance does not have to be synonymous with forgetting. 


Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 57 @ Dura

Necklace:  Meva Axt Necklace Iron @ The Arena

Jacket: ::K:: Classic Jacket Homme Black @ Shiny Shabby